Value Mindset

- 2 mins

Value mindset is a state where in you see existing problems/inefficiencies and try to solve/provide value through what you can do.

The most concrete version of value is if someone will pay you for the value you provide.

Developing any skill without a value mindset is become the norm. No one talked about value providing in college. The idea of building something and actually being able to add value through that, is the greatest rush.

College was fun and a lot of learning obviously. But the value mindset attitude was missing. I cannot provide any tangible value to anyone with my degrees. Companies obviously pay damn well because they see some sort of value in you. But I am talking about the market POV, the market doesn’t value your tags and brands.

Market only wants to know 2 things - What value can you provide and what’s the price ?

To code is fun and it’s a great dopamine rush to see all your tests pass to green. But we don’t realize that how a valuable tool it is to solve problems. If only we could identify the problems.sss

But we just get so lost in learning stuff without having this mindset for 4 years that we lose the eye for identifying things that we can solve

You might not immediately see the value in learning something, obviously. But the mindset to search for value must be present.

The kick you get when have something to provide and that people say I want/need this, is a rush like no other. Bringing value to people from what skills and tools you have is what is fun to chase.

Value mindset also helps you free yourself from perfect compeition. We love competing in perfectly competitive exams not realizing that if you could just differentiate you would get higher returns.

If I am able to provide something and people are getting value from it, aur kya chaiye? Why these schools and colleges exist? Why are we racing to be accepted by these institutions and brands when we can directly aim to be accepted by the market which I strongly feel is a more organic acceptance than any other.

Not like we see education as an end in itself, we do want high financial returns out of it. Money is the end goal, we see it as a proper investment.

Why not then invest in learning to provide value?

Running a race in perfect competition is the norm even if the returns are tiny. We have been swayed by intangible values of brands so much that we seem to have forgotten to think about value we can provide.

The only advantage of a good college is the network. But if we are not leveraging that to provide value, what are we doing?