Not being agile

- 1 min

One of the things I am working on, is having an agile approach to life and learning.

This mindset has been incredibly growth hindering for me. I always assumed that what I was currently doing, and how I was doing it, was the best way to do it. Although I might learn many things, but in the back of my mind is always the stickiness to what you already know.

This mindset stops you from growing plus makes you think that you are at the best place where you are right now.

The pathetic feeling of not already being where you want to be mixed with the rigid mindset is a stale-mate to learning.

Ignoring the simple fact that, if I am not there yet, I need to work to get there.

This also makes you very arrogant, fills you with low-self esteem but at the same time keeps your ego inflated which is a dangerous combination to have.

Sunk cost fallacy or identifying oneself with something, doesn’t allow people to change and try out something different. Undergrad should be all about exploring and trying out new stuff, but sadly it wasn’t. We sadly had to stick to one thing and run the race for it.

Open to absorbing and understanding new things is a sign of intelligence which also keeps you sane and grounded.

The idea to safe-guard what you know and not let new things flow in is probably the death of learning and this mindset is something I’d like to work on. Probably this mindset needs some confidence, but I’ll get there and hope you do too.