About Me

Hi, I am Fenil. Not So Random is an attempt to write down my learnings in various things, maybe will be helpful to someone someday. But I mostly write for myself.

I am interested in the intersection of Tech and Markets. I have enjoyed learning Economics and Computer Science at BITS Pilani. Apart from that I have worked in Machine Learning and AI for a while tried research during my undergrad. But I soon (or very late) realised research is something not the best form of expression for me. I am trying my hand at startups [although I currently work at Oracle] here's what I am building -> allears.space

I also realized by working at Oracle, that I don't prefer working in big tech. I like to work in small teams that derive their sastisfaction from what they are building and like working towards a common goal. So if you are a small team looking for a tech-generalist type person, hit me up on linkedin.